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15 March, 2014

EcoMachines Event – Venture Capital in Energy and Cleantech

On 10th March, we hosted an event at our offices entitled “Venture Capital in Energy and Cleantech: Is the Model Keeping Up?” The speakers were leaders in the energy business, with many decades of experience between them, and the audience were professionals with a keen interest in cleantech.



Held in partnership with the Cambridge Alumni Energy Society, the event theme was closely matched to EcoMachines’ own interests, as we are trying to make it easier for clean technology companies to get the funding they need for the difficult early stages.


The presentations covered several areas. In his talk, “Venture Capital in Energy: VC and corporate Perspectives”, Dominic Emery drew upon his many years of experience at BP and leading the company’s venturing arm, to explain the contribution of Corporate Venture Capital to innovation in this area.


David Clarke introduced the Energy Technologies Institute, outlining how it is supporting very early stage companies with the potential to produce disruptive innovations, and how its public-private partnership model allows it to back riskier projects.


Rob Wylie, in his speech entitled “Setting up a PE business focused on Resource Efficiency”, talked us through the history of WHEB Ventures, including the motivations behind the company’s establishment, and the opportunities he sees for cleantech in the future.


Ilian Iliev Ilian Iliev introduced attendees to the model that EcoMachines is developing, providing a complementary source of investment and hands-on support for hardware companies that may find it is too early for them to access established Venture Capital channels.


Mahdi Kazemzadeh introduced the Cambridge Alumni Energy Society, whose mission is to connect alumni that have an active interest in the energy sector, enhance networking and help with sharing ideas, publications, and events.


We would like to thank our speakers – Dominic Emery (VP of Long-Term Planning at BP Group), David Clarke (CEO of the Energy Technologies Institute) and Rob Wylie (co-founder and Chairman of WHEB Ventures) – for contributing their experience and perspectives to the discussion. We’d also like to thank Adrian Griffiths of Recycling Technologies and Tom Lipinski of Q-Bot for explaining the innovations that they are developing at their companies. You can download the presentations given by the speakers here.



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