We identify promising, innovative hardware start-ups and provide them with the investment and support they need to grow. 

If you want to start a conversation with us about how we can help your business, please submit your pitch deck or business plan via the Contact page.

What we look for:

Whatever stage your company is at, we look for the following attributes:

  • A clear understanding of the problem you are addressing: What causes it? Why should we care? Are there any upcoming changes (e.g. regulatory restrictions) that are being pre-empted by your technology or product?
  • An innovative proprietary technology: How does your technology work? Where does the innovation lie? Howis what you’re doing better than what already exists?
  • Barriers to entry: Clear barriers to entry for competitors, whether through patents, business model, or otherwise.
  • A lean business: How are you using the latest technologies and techniques to do more with less? How are you taking advantage of strategic partnerships to increase your capacity?
  • A clear business model with obvious growth potential: What is your total addressable market? How will you make money? Why will customers be willing to pay? How will you grow into a multi-million pound business?
  • Financial plan: A budget that will take you to the next relevant fundable event.
  • A high quality team: Who are you and how are you qualified for this role? What skills and experience are you equipped with that make you uniquely able to solve this problem? How can you illustrate your commitment to the project? What gaps in your team do you need to fill, and when?


What we aren’t looking for:

  • Pure software companies: apps, social networks etc.
  • Blue-sky research projects or unproven technologies.
  • Entrepreneurs who are looking for passive investors. (We want to help you build your business as quickly as possible, and are looking for teams who welcome a hands on approach.)

We like people who are honest about their weaknesses as well as their strengths, so if there’s an area in which you feel our assistance could be most valuable – tell us!

What we look for:

  • Technology development: We expect you’ll have a working proof-of-concept prototype, typically with R&D funded to date by grants. The technology may require some further development in order to be ready for commercial launch, and this will be informed by decisions around target market and customer.
  • Revenue: The business will be pre-revenue or have early revenues from pilot projects, and is one or two years away from getting to market.

How we help you:

  • Strategic advice & access to networks: At this stage, we expect that the business model will still be a work in progress, and will be in need of testing and development. We provide support and strategy advice, using our network of experts to help you to work out how to get to market, who your customers are and what they need.


What we look for:

  • Technology development: We expect you’ll have a well-proven technology, which has been tested in the field with customers for a number of years. You will also have a proven business model and good traction in the market.
  • Revenue: You will have revenues but the business will need external capital and strategic advice, in order to power the growth of the company and take it to the next stage.

How we help you:

  • Partnership opportunities: We look to draw on our networks and industry partnerships to facilitate corporate relationships, and act as the bridge between disruptive technology start-ups and established corporations. We help strategic investors to find startups, and help startups to find strategic investors, providing advice to both parties.
  • Co-investment and structuring for growth: helping you build the right financial and organisational structure for the business to grow.

Not sure if you’re ready for funding? Apply to meet our team during Open Office Hours. These informal, 30-minute sessions give entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn how to prepare your business for investment, run ideas by us, and start a conversation that could lead to future collaboration. Use the form below to apply.